12/01433/AS  Springbank, Westwell Lane  TN26 1JA    New conservatory/kitchen extension

13/00124/AS   47 Sandyhurst Lane, Ashford TN25 4NU  Garage conversion

13/00004/OLE/AS  Various overhead lines in the parishes of Little Chart, Pluckley, Hothfield and Westwell    To rebuild the existing 11kv overhead line

13/00433/AS   Tarmac Hothfield Works, Watery Lane, Westwell   Alterations to the existing lattice tower, the replacement of 3 no. existing antennas with 6 no. new antennas and the installation of 2 no. 600mm diameter dishes

13/00467/AS  Beech Brook Lodge, Watery Lane, Westwell    Provision of replacement dweliing plus partial demolition and rebuild of existing agricultural barn

13/00702/AS  Heath Cottage, Maidstone Road, Hothfield     Proposed extension to outbuilding to include sleeping accommodation and glazed link to existing dwelling (amended scheme to 12/00976/AS)

13/00760/AS  Eversleigh, Westwell Lane, Westwell   Erection of a two storey and single storey rear extension

13/00771/AS   Parsonage Farm, Watery Lane, Westwell     New garage outbuilding with ancillary accommodation above

13/00819/AS   Bourne Wood, Squids Gate Lane, Westwell  To use part of the woodland for the teaching of bush craft and woodland skills and the erection of a yurt, parachute shelter, covered cokking area and a composting toilet

13/00948/AS  Nirvana, Maidstone Road, Westwell   Erection of a first floor side extension with PV solar panels

13/00939/AS  Cumberland, Westwell Lane, Westwell  Erection of a first floor rear extension and side first floor bay window

13/01011/AS  Tanglewood, Kingsland Lane, Westwell   Conversion of the existing garage into an annex, erection of a new double garage and log store and proposed erection of an indoor swimming pool

13/01022/AS  Land north of Oaklands Farm, Pluckley Road, Hothfield   Construction of a solar park

13/01147/AS  Kingsland Grove, Kingsland Lane, Westwell   Proposed erection of detached outbuilding/garage

13/01261/AS  Nirvana, Maidstone Road, Hothfield   Erection of a two storey rear extension

13/01419/AS  Elvy Cottage, Kingsland Lane  Erection of a double garage incorporating home office