11/00024/AS  10 Sandyhurst Lane, Ashford   Erection of one 3 bedroom house

11/00073/AS   1 & 2 Yonsea Villas, Maidstone Road   Demolition of the 2 Yonsea farm cottages and construction of a farm house and oast house in the style of the original farm buildings

11/00167/AS   Heath Cottage, Maidstone Road   Detached garage with storage above (retrospective)

11/00228/AS  Shottenden, Westwell, Ashford   Side extension and re-modelling and extension of existing single storey front projection

11/00310/AS  78 Sandyhurst Lane, Ashford   Erection of single storey rear extension (sun room)

11/00500/AS   Land north east of Sunnybridge Farm, Watery Lane, Westwell   Change of use of the land for the keeping of horses and erection of stables

11/00611/AS  Redundant agricultural building, Sunnybridge Farm, Watery Lane, Westwell     Change of use of redundant agricultural building and adjoining hardstanding for storage of one skip carrier lorry and 20 empty skips

11/00900/AS   Carnac, Westwell Lane, Ashford   Retrospective application for alterations and repairs to garden shed

11/00587/AS  and 11/00588/AS   Parsonage Farm, Watery Lane, Westwell TN25 4JJ  Conversion of redundant traditional barn to a dwelling.  Removal of hay barn, construction of garage/storage building and erection of new fencing. (Variations to granted approval 09/00021/AS.)

10/01491/AS   Land west of Thimble Hall between CTRL and M20, Leacon Lane, Charing    Renewable energy facility which will comprise of plant and structures for the storage of material for production of biogas, together with ancillary structures and buildings.   Amended plans dated 13th June 2011

11/00713/AS   Nash Court, Watery Lane  TN25 4JL   New purpose built grain store

11/00943/AS and 11/00944/AS  Kingsland House, Kingsland Lane, Westwell    Two storey rear extension and chimney.  Demolition of single storey attached outbuilding and chimney and erection of two storey rear extension with chimney.  Internal alterations to layout.

11/00899/AS 4 Downsview Cottage, Westwell Lane, Westwell   Erection of two storey rear extension, porch to front elevation, conservatory to rear elevation and garage in rear garden

11/00907/AS  Beech Brook Lodge, Watery Lane, Westwell  TN25 4JH   Provision of replacement dwelling plus partial demolition and rebuild of existing agricultural barn

11/01015/AS   Hothfield Car Sales, Maidstone Road  TN26 1AP   Change of use of existing car showroom to workshop for MOT testing (use class 2), external changes and erection of steel framed building for car valeting

11/00927/AS  Heath Cottage, Maidstone Road, Hothfield   TN26 1AN  Single storey rear extension to outbuilding and extension to link it to the main dwelling

11/01389/AS  Shottenden Manor, Eastwell Lane, Westwell TN25 4JR   Installation of hardstanding for parking of agricultural vehicles and to provide access to B1/B8 industrial units

11/01420/AS  Harven Cottage, Watery Lane, Westwell  TN25 4JH   Two storey and single storey extension to property to provide additional accommodation.  Insertion of new windows.  Internal alterations and partitions.